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  1. Anita says:

    Kerri-Anne you are the best, The world will be better place if there is more like you. You got a good heart and you are beautiful Good luck and all the best Anita

    • margaret a hallett says:

      I would like to wish you all the luck there is going you will beat this I know you will as we need people like you on T.V.
      Marg Hallett

    • GAI GOODMAN says:


    • Rita Manno says:

      Good Luck Kerry-Anne, Remain postive, I was diagnossed wih breast in 2008,I found something was not right when I felt a raised area on my right side of my breast,Just at the end of the underwire bra that I had been wearing it was my 50th Birthday and also the 25th anniversary of my late grandfathers death that day and he had a breast cancer when he was around 70 years of age , he survied his breast cancer past away when he was 85years old from a different cancer. My oldest sister also had breast cancer when she was around 42 years old. She had the genetic test and it was Not found in the Gene, It was called Familigia. Eat lots Fruit and Vegetables that you like, Rest up heaps and I found that walking has also helped. Please don’t hesitate to contact me,for a chat
      Cheers, Rita

    • brittany says:

      Kerri-Anne my name is brittany and im 15 when i was a baby i was also told that i had cancer i was 6mths when they told my family and they i relapsed at 18mths old, id like to wish you all the best with everything that going on stay strong and positive your a beautiful lady,<3

    • Samantha Sang says:

      Dear Kerrie Anne,
      I was so sad to hear about your darling John and his recent accident. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and my heart goes out to you at this tragic time.
      You are a strong woman and I hope that your strength will get you through the busy days ahead.
      If you want to contact me – please do so through my email
      With much love
      Samantha Sang. xxxxxx

  2. Kelly Ashley says:

    Congats on your stint on DWTS,enjoy watching your dancing,very entertaining. I represent the LOC for the Australian Transplant Games. They are being held in Newcastle from 26th Sept to 7th Oct. It involves peoplefrom all over Australia that have had transplants,we play all kinds of sports and that is where you come in, I am good friends with Jo Mills from Pacific Dunes and said to contact you, well it would be an honour if you could come and play in our special day up at Cypress Lakes Golf Course.Jo has given me the nod that she will play and also myself as I am a 10year Kidney Transplant recipient,If you would like more info you can go to website above.Would love to hear back from you,hope you can make our day special.
    Thankyou for your time,

    Kelly Ashley

  3. Dear Kerri Anne Kennerley,

    I had the opportunity to meet you in Shanghai during Expo. It was so amazing to listen to you speak live !
    Please allow me to introduce myself, I coordinate the Melbourne Cup in Shanghai for and on behalf of Austrlian Association Shanghai.

    The 2011 AWSG Melbourne Cup Luncheon was an outstanding success raising
    almost 250 000RMB with 447 guests attending.
    This year we hope to achieve this and more.

    I believe there is a great opportunity to have you or a representative from Channel 7 to be part of this Prestige event in Shanghai. With consideration to a live link to Melbourne Cup Australia.

    I would like to send you more information via your company email .
    Hope yo hear back from you

    With Best Regards

    Patricia Pierini

  4. Sandra May says:

    Shocked as you are by your news. Good luck with your personal battle. You’ve got thousands of fans out here all praying for you. x Sandra

  5. Lin says:

    Wishing you all the best in your battle with breast cancer. it is like a rollercoaster ride at times, just try to be positive. That has gotten me through the past 4 years.

  6. jenny parkinson says:

    all the best with your treatment, your one in a trillion. we need more role models like you. you keep me going when things get me down, youv’e mastered the art of keeping your chin up no matter what happens. A REAL LADY
    thinking of you

  7. Helen Cahill says:

    Hi Kerrianne
    Just read about your cancer diagnosis and wish you all the best with your journey of treatment and recovery. I just wanted to correct some info in the article written by News Limited which states you thought you didn’t have any risk factors because you “looked after yourself”.

    I think this comment sends the wrong message to all those people who have developed breast cancer. Did they not look after themselves? Of course this isn’t true even tho smoking and alcohol intake are just two risk factors. Also, you might actually have been more at risk because you hadn’t had any children. There is good evidence to suggest pregnancy and breastfeeding are protective against breast cancer.
    I’m sure you weren’t thinking of such things with your comments but just wanted you to have the correct knowledge for any further public statements.

    • Rita Manno says:

      Can I just say I know of ladies that have children and breast feed and still got breast cancer. Actually I know more women that have had children and still got breast cancer. Breast Cancer does not discriminate it attacks Women and Men of all ages. There all different kinds of breast Cancer.

      • Jan says:

        Yes your quite right I have no history and I breast fed 3 children I was fit healthy i dont eat meat not much diary and organic foods so what Kerri Ann and I am saying is these days everyone should be aware it’s an All persons cancer… Just find it as wick as possible then it’s full recovery and get on with life. GOOD LUCK Kerri Ann you’ll be are an inspiration to us all .. Love from a surviver of 6 years x x

  8. christine davison says:

    My dear kerrieanne
    I just heard that you

  9. christine davison says:

    My dear kerrieanne
    I just heard that you been told you have breast cancer and I felt compelled
    to tell you my story. It may lift your spirits.
    I had been given lipator for my cholesterol, to which I had a severe allergic reaction. I ended up in emergency with symptoms of having a heart attack. long story short the doctor did tests no heart attack so I was given an x-ray and CT scan of the chest (looking for an anurism) again no anurism but they did find a blemish on the lung I was kept overnight and 2 days later a biopsy was done and I had the big C on the lung. that was 16th november 2009. on the 9th december 2009 I had a left lobe removed in total no chemo no return of the beasty and I feel great.
    I wish you a similar story and a speedy recovery. my best wishes to you keep smiling. all my love Chris XXX

  10. Alison Brown says:

    Wishing you a speedy full recovery darling. You will kick this bitch of a disease and once again show us what amazing dignity & intestinal fortitude you have. I do hope you are well & able to come & play a round of golf with us at the Australian Transplant Games in October.
    All the very best! We’re routing for you gorgeous!
    Kind Regards,
    Alison Brown

  11. rachel kidd says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne

    Thinking of you today. A close family friend is just about to head to Westmead for breast cancer treatment. We will pray for you as we pray for my friend.

    Sending you a hug from all of us


  12. Fiona says:

    Hi Kerrianne, thinking of you at this time. I am breast cancer survivor and voted for you as I did Look Good Feel Better and it was wonderful and admired you greatly for supporting them. You have such a wonderful zest for life and you will get through this often tough journey with the help of your husband and friends. Fiona

  13. Mary Brown says:

    Good luck Kerri-Anne with your operation. Your are an inspiration to all. Know you’ll come out on top as you always do. Mary

  14. Dr Marietjie du Preez says:

    To Kerry-Anne Kennerley: regarding breast cancer: very sorry to hear the news. I am battling cancer for the last 18 months. I had a lot of success with ice caps to prevent alopecia in chemo treatment. You can suffer mild thinning, but no alopecia.
    You are welcome to contact me to discuss. Best regards, Marietjie

  15. Pat Tusjak says:

    I heard on the news this morning that you found a lump in your breast and it’s cancerous. I was in the same boat 3.5 years ago and had the operation done within a week and radiation there after. I am feeling really good now and just need mammogram done every 12 months.
    The worst time is prior to operation, which is NOW, as you will be wondering about the unknown. You will need to be very positive ( which I found it was very hard at the time ) and we do have great doctors and health professionals in Australia.
    One thing I found is that it does change our perspective of life. We realised that we are mortals and our priorities changed.
    Will remember you in prayers.

  16. Susan Lind says:

    Hi Kerrianne,

    Just heard the news I am soooo sorry for you. Here is an article that may interest you.


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    Worth a try I would think. Hope all works out well for you.

  17. Captain David Bowley says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,
    I would like to wish you all the best luck in the world for a positive result of your upcoming breast cancer operation and rehab. You are an inspiration to us all and a real trouper, postponing your surgery so you can appear at the Dancing With The Stars final. I have voted for you for countless years as a worthy candidate for a Silver and Gold Logie each year.
    Very best wishes my dear lady,
    Captain David Bowley

  18. Chris Forbes says:

    Kerri-Anne, just writing to wish you all the best with the fast recovery from this Breast Cancer.
    I am good friends with your old school pal Kaylen Payne I went to school with her eldest son.
    My wife has just had a lump removed from her Right Brest, she is now on the Chemo road and will be
    till end of September then she will have both breast removed. We both suport the McGrath Foundation and live the work
    that they do, also the cancer Couinsil.
    Hope you have the chance to read this message feel free to respond via email and know that my thoughts and prayers are going your way as well as healing.
    Stay safe

    Chris Forbes

  19. Jill Hawkins says:

    Dear Kerry-Anne
    We are so sorry to hear of your diagnosis this morning and just wanted to wish you well over the months ahead. You are SO missed on morning television, and I have a lot of respect for the way you have handled yourself. Take one day at a time and know that you are in the thoughts of thousands of people who are with you all the way. You will beat this, I just know it. Warm wishes from my daughter and I – Kindest regards Jill H

  20. SuziQ says:

    Hi there Kerri-anne, our thoughts are with you today. I am the same age as you and have just had my regular breast screening check up – I am like you with no family history and I can tell you after hearing of your diagnosis this morning, I can’t wait to receive my clearance letter!

    Have followed you for years and years and just wanted to say what an inspiration you are!

    Best wishes, SuziQ

    • Peter G says:

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    • To our Dear Kerrie-Anne We are praying for Blessings that our LORD JESUS Will HEAL you completely from this cancer, and the operation will be successful.We will keep you in our Prayers Love and God Bless ..from Jacqui and Bosco Bosanac xxx

  21. Blossom Tream says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,
    My name is Blossom Tream. I would like to tell you to please DO NOT allow anyone to convince you that you need to get your breast removed, BEFORE checking the absolute truth about breast cancer from me. You are very very lucky because Dr Douglas Price will be in Sydney on 30th June. He excells in German New Medicine. German New Medicine deals with treating cancer WITHOUT the awful chemotherapy. You can keep your breasts and be cancer free. PLease, please, please check out the websites and email me I can send you all the free lectures etc. for you to understand. My mobile numnber is 0408025611 or home phone number is (02) 89013663. You owe it to yourself to check this out. Dont become another number of useless people who do NOT check out the truth and lose their lives in the process.

    Many great blessings to you.
    Blossom Tream

  22. Fayla Boole says:

    Sending hopes and prayers to you and strength to your family KAK. My sister is a BC survivor of many years. She has never gotten over the trauma and as a family we handle it day to day. She also survived cervical cancer at a young age. My gran lost many sisters to this cursed desiese. God bless take care and do as you are told lol. R & R. Mentally and physically.
    All the Best
    Love Fayla

  23. Karli Stevenson says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne.
    All my love & support is with you. You will get through this. My mum survived breast cancer at 62years old. You will too. You have given so many people strength joy and hope through all our lives. All this strength you have given will flow back to you and help you heal. Your an inspiration to us all. Take the time you need to heal.
    My mum had a great surgeon & there is a lot of help there. She also worked with a naturopath/ doctor in conjunction with the medical profession & did meditation. It ALL helped. The doctor/naturopath she saw in Sydney is Dr Andrea Peizer, who special uses in women’s health. She is in St Ives.
    Take care. Be strong. Know that all of Australia is behind you.
    Like you did with learning to dance, here is your new project, and i know in true kerri-anne style you will master & survive this challenge too! You are soo strong!
    All my love, Karli

  24. angela says:

    Just found out about your illness and wish you all the best. As a survivor my self possitive thinking and family helped me through it all. God is there for you, so pray and keep possitive. My regards to you and your husband

  25. William Sanderson says:

    Kerri Anne, sorry to hear about the breast cancer. My wife had it at about the same time as Kylie Minogue and when we went up for the radiation treatment saw a lot of people whose skin was red and blistered and as she did not want that to happen to her and had an idea of what to do with burns, she developed a post radiation treatment regime which resulted in her having no damage after 25 mormal and 5 booster treatments of radiation therapy. Her specialist was amazed as a lot of people are affected after radiation treatment. We tried to bring this to your attention a number of years back through channel nine with no success. numerous people have tried this regime successfully, and I thought if you require radiation, this may interest you. If you want a copy of it, I can email one to you.

  26. Effie Pasiopoulos says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne my prayers and thoughts are with you, having gone through breast cancer myself at the age of 38 eight years ago. Be brave and always have positive thoughts. You will come out the other side a much stronger person. All my love Effie.

  27. Kerri Harbottle says:

    I too have only been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I have had two operations for lumpectomy and anxillary & sentinel node biopsy.
    There will come a time where you will get mad and ask why me but as you are well aware the positive attitude is the best medicine to beat this sucker.
    You are a gorgeous and inspiring person who has always been a favourite of mine on national TV.
    My thoughts and support are here for you and your family. Stay strong.

    Love Kerri x

    • Peter G says:

      Check out the REAL cancer cure that’s being stopped by big pharmacuetical companies because (quite obviously for them, not us) there’s far more $$$ in chemo/ radiation (killer) therapies.
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      Do an advanced search using the words: “The Bursynski Movie” – you can be cured WITHOUT surgery or radiation.

  28. Sue says:

    I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I wish you all the best with your health. I have 2 sisters who have had breast cancer (both in their early 50′s) and I, therefore, need to be vigilant with my own mammograms/ultrasounds. Recently I have been neglectful but your revelation has made me “get off my bottom” and attend to my own tests so for that I say thank you many times over. My sisters are doing well so I wish you a speedy recovery. God bless.

  29. Kerri-Anne I am so sorry to hear about your shock diagnosis although pleased you found out early. I wish you all the best & even though you don’t know me, I’ll be thinking of you & wishing you well all the way through until you’re completely cured & back with us on TV (or whatever media you choose). I have been a fan of yours for a long time & will continue to be so. As far as your dancing goes – GO KERRI-ANNE !!!!!

  30. Lynn Gill says:

    Hi Kerrieanne. So sorry to hear your diagnosis of breast cancer. I really do hope it goes alright for you.


    Lynn Gill

  31. janet says:

    I too have had breast cancer. Im 55 this month, I am free 3 years. I also did not have this in my family. Keep strong, just do each day at a a time and don’t think about what tomorrow is going to bring. this is a time to rest and take act day as it comes to you. you are a trooper and think positive and be positive and everything will be ok.

    take care

    janet keenan

  32. Good luck in the future with your Breast Cancer. God will look after you. Fight lots as lots of people adore you.

  33. rita smith says:

    Sorry to hear you have breast cancer, I too have been diagnosed at the end of march have had a partial mastectomy and soon will have radiotheraphy and hormone treatment. I am 84 years old if I can do so can you Good luck
    rita smith

  34. Ms Raija Hiltunen says:

    Kerri-Anne you are a strong woman, a battler! Thinking of you with love! Xxxx

  35. john beasant says:

    My Dear Kerri-Anne i have just read that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and as a sufferer of prostate cancer i feel for you. I really hope that the doctors can get rid ot that rotten thing and you are back to normal soon.i am having radium next month in brissie so i will be praying that every thing goes as well for you as it is going to be for me thanks for taking time to read this and i will be thinking of you cheers and take care hugs john

  36. JR says:

    Dear Kerri Anne,

    Welcome to the real world…. Lucky for you breast cancer at your age is less aggressive.
    Breast cancer to women under 40 is much more aggressive.

    You will get your treatment, adrenalin will keep you on your feet. Anxiety medication is great if you can’t sleep. Keep positive and focus on your equilibrium you will be fine.

    I have been very critical of you as I have a daughter that was diagnosed with a brain tumour at age 9 – my son diagnosed with Autism at age two.

    I used to be a lot like you bubbly happy but my world went pear shaped when I discovered my dad wasnt my biological father. Then time recalled four murder attempts on my life.

    The dad who I thought was my dad but wasn’t left me to drown at Northbridge baths at age 3 they staged my abduction with view to murder when I was nine but a miracle gave me a chance to escape,

    Two months before my wedding the nuptials arrived at our office I was there alone, my fiancée had to go to the country. The exit zone of a gas explosion which destroyed three office suites was five feet from my desk where I was standing near two storey glass sheeting. September 11 was the closest thing to describe the noise and debris and explosion around me.

    Then I WAS on my honeymoon in Tahiti where barbiturates were put in my drink.

    This is just the icing on the cake that took me till now turning 50 all of the above I believe my true biological father staged to get rid of an unwanted daughter ‘me’.

    Thank to a forensic psychiatrist and three years on a medication called Effexor I have been guided to safely process who did what to me. Two weeks ago I found the courage to write my full testimony to crime stoppers.
    All of my family knew the truth, they all fell in the traps I laid to get to the truth. The truth is also involved was my step mother, ain’t, grandparents both sides and the women I no longer call my mother.

    I have been forced to make a decision report this or continue to live in fear they will target me one more time, because I exposed the sordid truth on Facebook when my cousin confirmed the animosity and hatred they had for me.

    I guess my nasty letters to you were a reflection of how they made me feel when I was doing something successful.
    They can’t stand to see you happy…..!!

    I guess my reaction to you was a part of my healing process thinking why criticism paralyses us.

    I had to cut the umbilical cord to them now I need to decide should I go to police and the police say yes.

    I have been told cancer is unexpressed anger.

    Kerri Anne I apologise for venting my anger on you I understand now why I was bullied. Because I was happy and successful , my extended family have made me realize I am no longer going to allow them to take away my inner harmony. Being in the limelight makes you an easy target.

    I am 51 now I only wish I had this insight thirty years ago.

    Take care Kerri Anne you will be fine, there is a lot of more knowledge now it’s 2012.

    Trust, believe read the book of Matthew in the New Testament I have been walking in these shoes you are in now for a long time but two members of the family to brain tumours and friends children with cystic fibrosis. Think 65 Roses and read the Psalms, Proverbs you will come through this with a humble heart and not feel you have to be superwoman anymore.

    It leaves you open to bullies….!!

    Keep the faith…. you are on a journey called life, learning the lessons you have chosen to learn.

    I live walk the road less travelled…..


  37. Beth says:

    Sorry to hear your bad news. Thoughts and prayers and with you and your husband at this time

  38. barbara says:

    Kerry , hang in there i have just been through double mastectomy. you have the strength and willpower to get out the other side. Always remember to “TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME”. My thoughts and prayers are with you and for you . God Bless

  39. Caroline says:

    Hi Kerry-Anne,
    So sorry to hear about your cancer news. Wishing all the best for you.
    Always enjoyed the opportunity to see your show on channel 9 if I was on a sick day or a day off. You are fabulous and always have been.
    I’m not usually a “fan” type of person however was so disappointed to find out your show has been discontinued. The replacement show is boring and lacks the depth and warmth that you bring as presenter. I’m not sure of the reasons as I don’t keep up with all the media…too busy. I hope one day we will get to enjoy your company on a regular show. Good work and good luck. One of my dear friends has just recovered from breast cancer and is living a happy life with her new baby (the reason she found out she had it). It can be treated if in time thank goodness.
    cheers Caroline

  40. Bev says:

    Wishing you the best of outcomes with your Journey with breast cancer, this experience will make you a stronger person as it has me, there is always something good out of something bad, mine was Dragons Abreast.

  41. Greg Daley says:

    Hi KA

    Heard of your “affliction” very sad for you but you are a trouper and a winner so i know you will bring it home and be stronger after.
    Hang in there stay and the “course”.
    Love and Wishes for speedy recovery.


  42. Trish McKeown says:

    There are no words to ease your confusion at the moment. All I can say is that I wish you all the best in the times ahead and to know that many before you have been where you’re going. You’re lucky enough to have the support of a great husband and a positive attitude that can get you through anything.
    Try not to be superwoman – allow yourself to be human – and follow all your doctors’ advice. Time is your best friend and with time, you’ll get through this. I’m not religious but will think about you each and every day. Your bubbly personality and positiveness are your best friends right now. All the best, Trish.

  43. Treve Bird says:

    I too was diagnosed with breast cancer at 58. I am now 66 and after 3 operations and a full mastectomy I am enjoying life and my grandchildren. All the very best and you will get through this. You have an enormous amount of love going your way and you are very strong. All the best to you and your family.
    My prayers are with you all.
    Mrs Treve Bird

  44. My sincere regrets at the disturbing news and the chaalenge that lies ahead for KAK. As an avid natural health alternative person I do hope she gives serious consideration to seeking more none poisoning treatment such as chemo and radiation if it comes to that. There are good fully tested cancer treatments and cures although kept very quiet by the big Pharma and Dr’s who stand to make billions out of current cancer treatments which end up killing the patient more than the disease does. World without Cancer is one such book – Vit C the Story of Allan smith NZ, a man on the verge on death now alive and thriving thanks to Vitamin c intravenous treatment in NZ. There ARE alternatives and me for one want to be prepared for such an occurance for myslef and my family and friends. This disease will re occur and kill even after chemo and radiation there are no true success stories with such treatments, but there are success stories with the alternatives. I know which way I would go if it where my life.
    Go well.

  45. Dot Davis says:

    Hi Kerrie just heard re your cancer I was dignoised with Breast Cancer and when receiving the news it was very worrying, but hang in there and just do has your Doctors want you do the support is so good with Doctors and Nurses just stay positive and our love goes your way, I have recovered really well and you will to !!!

  46. andrea ryan says:

    Kerri Anne my thoughts are with you. You are my inspiration and I think you can do anything. Even if the moguls on TV don;t. You can beat it!!!!

  47. Eddy says:


    If anyone can contact KAK tell her to look up a website:

    and try the Black Salve before going to the knife or Chemotheraphy.

  48. Ann Robinson says:

    Kerri-Anne, I beg you to reconsider your decision to delay treatment! You have given so much to others, please put yourself first now. Australia loves you! I care about you! I am a registered nurse of 35yrs.

  49. Helmut Moldners (anonymous please) says:

    Hello Kerri-Anne, the diagnosis of cancer must have shaken you. Well I GOT SHAKEN SOME YEARS AGO AS WELL! I am retired now, but for 25 years I worked at a plywood factory where I was working with horrific hot glue fumes where sheets of veneer were cooked under pressure to make plywood. One day I realized that for some time I had a persistent cough, but I left it for a couple of years until with any physical effort I would break into a severe cough. Finally my Health and Safety Officer sent me to a local doctor who then sent me to a professor of thoracic medicine and I was diagnosed as having FORMALDEHYDE-INDUCED INDUSTRIAL ASTHMA. But this asthma is not any ordinary asthma because in my case my lungs were filled with CARCINOGENIC FORMALDEHYDE PARTICLES, and there is no way of removing them. The specialist put me on Seretide 24 hrs. a day, but every 3 months when I went back for monitoring, my lung function was getting worse and worse, until finally after a couple of years I found that my cough couldn’t be controlled unless I took DOUBLE DOSES of Seretide. I told the doctor and he acknowledged that the latest spirometer test showed I was getting worse. SUDDENLY I GOT SCARED! This great doctor, as brilliant as he was, COULD NEVER HEAL AND RESTORE MY LUNGS! Fortunately I had been going to a church where the minister taught people how to hear God, so as I went to my car I said, “Father, I want to meet with You when I get home!” When I got home I walked into the loungeroom and gave God an ULTIMATUM, saying, “Heavenly Father, this is no way to live! You either bring me Home, or You heal me, but then give me a word of faith!” Then I heard a soft voice say, “You can be healed now”, and my faith grew so much that I cried out “Hotdog!” Then I said, “Father, let this asthma be gone from me now in the name of Jesus!” Suddenly my lungs were freed, and I found that I could even run across the paddock and back with no cough, so I tossed all my medication in the bin and finally went back to the doctor who confirmed I had no sign of that asthma. And then he added, “I’M NOT SURPRISED BECAUSE A MONTH AGO A LADY I WAS TREATING FOR ASBESTOS ON HER LUNGS EXPERIENCED THE SAME THING!” But at the church I was going to, the minister, now retired, used to pray extraordinary healings over afflicted people. One Sunday night a lady came forward for HEALING OF A TUMOUR, and the minister said, “I command this tumour to shrivel up and die in the name of Jesus”, and she felt so good that the next day she dropped into her doctor’s surgery to share with him, but as she walked in, the doctor said, “I’m glad you dropped in because the pathologist rang a while ago to tell me that your biopsy has shrivelled up and has become a pile of dust!” Kerri-Anne, since the 1980′s in particular, tens of thousands of people IN AUSTRALIA have experienced healings by God, even people who don’t bother going to church, since God has no such prerequisite for healing. I believe that one of the most powerful healing churches in Sydney is DAYSPRING CHURCH, 15 Salisbury Rd. Castle Hill, and I suggest that you ring the head pastors, David and Narelle Crabtree, on 9894 8844, and tell them who you are. On their website they do advertise online prayer, but I believe it’s easier to receive from the Lord from someone in person if you don’t know the Lord personally. Even my oldest and closest mate in Sydney wants to rely only on doctors – he’s now battling prostate cancer. Kerri-Anne, please trust the supernatural power of God’s love. Helmut.

  50. Sandy Scott says:

    Kerry-Anne, I am sure you have so much support from your darling husband, family and loved ones, but you have the whole of Australia behind you too. You ARE an icon and we all love you. You will get through this ordeal and come out stronger (if possible) in the end. You keep on smiling, “girl power”. Much love, Sandy xoxoxox

  51. Kate Caffel says:

    hi kerri anne, just wanted to wish you all the best for these next weeks to come. I hope you come through this with a fighting spirit. If anyone can fight breast cancer its you. Fondest thoughts and best wishes Kate. x

  52. Kerri_fan says:

    Im a 37 yo fan of many years and too much television. Wishing you all the best with your latest battle. Always loved your work and your looks. After all these years you still got it and you are still one of the hottest girls on TV. All our prayers and wishes are with you at this time.

  53. Rhonda says:

    Oh my god Kerri-Anne, my thoughts are with you and your husband at this very concerning time. I have always been so impressed by the way you so positively influence everyone with your bubbly influence, don’t pretend to be anyone other than who you are, that you are ageing beautifully (I’m just a few years behind me and you give me such hope) and that you are highly respected and regarded. Take care and stay strong. You will get there and all will be well. Take care, my love to you both :-)

  54. Rochelle Sanderson says:

    Love and prayers to KK,always admired her determanation and gung ho spirit. You’ll win this one too. xxx

  55. Karilyn McCrostie says:

    I don’t know how to contact Kerri Anne, but she doesn’t need to have this operation. Let her know that she needs to see the Cansema (black salve cream) on google and see the results they are getting.
    You put the cansema cream on and within 24 hours it kills the cancer and its tenticles etc, you wash the black cream off and wait till the scab or ?? comes away, it leaves a hole but then that hole starts healing from the inside out and takes APPROX 6-12 weeks to heal completely with no scarring.
    This cream is amazing as it healed a large cancer on my leg calf.
    Give it a go. Check it out. It would be better than having her breast being cut away or the after effects of radiation and will heal very quickly.
    I am sending this to help. Please pass it on.
    Kind regards
    Blessings to her

  56. carol roberts says:

    Dearest keri-anne as a breast cancer survivor I know the waiting is hard please know that everyone is behind you and thinking of you. You are an aussie icon and legend I’m fifty blonde and love life too my mum paid me the most amazing compliment a few weeks ago she said that you remind her of me. Best wishes for the journey. Regards carol roberts

  57. Karilyn McCrostie says:

    Please see Cansema (black salve cream) on the internet.

  58. Barbara says:

    Kerri-anne sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
    I am assist. co-ordinator of a charity called Breast Cancer Comfort cusions located in central Gippsland Victoria
    We would like to offer you a BCCC kit comprising of a comfort cushion a moon shape used under the arm to keep pressure from the wound, also in the kit is a drainage bag so as you can walk around and have drainage bottles out of site and a pretty X ray bag all free of charge from our band of ladieswho make these kits, in 2011 we distributed 1300 sets, if one of these kits would help you in your journey to health we would be happy to send one to you free of charge. All the very best. Barb

  59. Kerry-anne Doughty says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne … Sending you hugs, love & healing positive thoughts at this challenging time. From Kerry-anne Doughty xxxxxx

  60. Jenny Westbrook says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,

    I too was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this week. I will be operated on Wednesday. It is as you know a total shock to your system, the hardest part was telling our 19 year old daughter and our family and friends. My thoughts are with you and your family too at this difficult time.

    We can fight this and I have encouraged all my friends and work colleagues to get checked regularly. The Dr missed my lump and if I had not insisted to get a Mammogram myself who knows what might have happened.

    Take care and you are in my thoughts.

    Kind regards,
    Jenny x

  61. deb says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne, plz look up Professor Avni Sali at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (top Cancer Clinic in Australia) may not have to go thru loss of hair!Prof Sali works along with Ian Gawler. Also Naturopath Adrian jones ‘One Answer to Cancer’
    What do you have to lose? Plzzz
    Take care Deb

  62. Pamela Gordon says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne
    I was treated for breast cancer 18 months ago. I enjoy a full and active life, thanks to my medical team.
    I wish you all the very best for the future.You have such a wonderful outlook to life. With the support of your family and friends you will also have a full and active life.
    Pamela Gordon

  63. Chris Smith says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne,
    So sorry to hear about your news, Marj and I were on the White Xmas cruise with you and JOhn floating down the Rhine River. We had such a lovely time with you, I remember the fabulous dinner we had in Prague with Julie Lander, the boys and your’e special friend. I had just finished treatment for breast cancer myself and now 3 years on I’m still clear and I know you will get through this too. My prayers go out to you. John must be devastated, you could see how much he loves you.
    Take care, best wishes from Chris and Marj

  64. loretta knox says:

    Hi kerry Ann, Just to let you know I am praying for you, I have just had my first chemo,until this happened I really had no idea, but I’m so grateful I’m going through this as now I really do know, just know I love you and you will be in my prayers daily, loretta PS iF YOU NEED ME i AM HERE.XXX

  65. Johnston McCaig says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne, it has been so great seeing you on Dancing with the stars and then the morning show. You are an absolute professional. I am so happy that ch7 has brought you on board. Although shocked by the news today,I do believe you will overcome this and go on to live a happy, fulfilled life. You deserve nothing less. Johnston

  66. Kerri-Anne – Whilst you stated that you had none of the “risk factors”, It is possible that the one causative factor in your present situation is UID, and that it might be possible to redress this, given diagnosis and potential treatment. If you actually get to read this, and you’d like to discuss, just send me an email.

  67. Jacqueline Grant says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,

    I have watched you for years on TV and miss you on the KAK show on nine. No one does it like you do. Having now heard that you have been dealt another devastating blow, my heart goes out to you. You have inspired so many women in your work and now it’s time for us to give it back to you. Stay strong and know that we are all thinking of you and willing you the best of health very soon. Many thanks for your beautiful smile that I so enjoyed each morning. Take Care, I will be thinking of you. Kind regards .
    Jacquie G

    • meg haig says:


    • Tony says:

      Hi Kerri-Anne,

      Since I’m not a DWTS or morning TV watcher, I have to admit I really only know of your talent from what I read in the paper, so it may come as a surprise to get a message from someone like me. The reason for this note is that I’ve been moved enough by the way you’ve handled all adversity in recent times to come here and convey my admiration of you.

      Every time someone or something hits you, you don’t hit the deck and get up again, you just stand there, take it on the chin and smile – and, as a result, come back a winner.

      Your attitude and positive outlook is a huge head-start for you in this most serious challenge. I hope it helps you to know that I have at least one friend whose similar attitude helped them to beat the ‘Big C’. Despite not being much of a TV watcher, I REALLY wish you the very, very best. The world needs people like you.

      Kindest regards, Tony

  68. Jody Lingard says:

    Hello Kerri-Anne,

    I was shocked to hear on the news tonight about your Breast Cancer
    diagnosis. I just stopped what I was doing and listened to the news.

    I know exactly how you feel as I was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer
    last year at age 37.  I have had surgery, Chemotheropy and

    You are a strong lady and you have a lot of people who care about you
    and that will support  you to get through your treatments ahead.

    I feel I have know you for ages after watching you for many years on your show.

    I will be watching you on Dancing with the Stars for the Grand Final
    and  hope you have booked your surgery for straight after the Grand

    Thinking if you Kerri-Anne,


    Jody Lingard

  69. Chris Walters says:

    Hi Kerri Anne. . STOP !!!

    Please view “One Cure For Cancer”

    uTube. Black Salve and Breast Cancer

    Like tooth decay, cancer doesn’t thrive in alkalinity

    For more info, I am happy to share it, if you contact me.

    Best wishes

    Best wishes

  70. Lois Hansford says:

    Best wishes for your journey ahead. “Hope” is a good word to hang on to. I am a survivor. diagnosed in 1998 and now in remission . I have every faith in you that you will also be a survivor. There is plenty of support out there, in the way or support group, family and friends.
    Never give up. You have given us a lot of pleasure in the entertainment world. Especially in “Dancing with the Stars”. Take care wishing you all the best for future health and recovery.
    Yours in Pink Lois Hansford,

  71. kathleen says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne

    My thoughts are with you at the time, will keep this short, as you will be probably be inundated with emails.

    Found my cancer by accident ( Like you) mine was in the shower and was due to have my mammogram later in the year ,,,,we got it in early stages had the op and radiation. All good

    It is a long journey, I was one of the lucky ones as no chemo and my radiation team of doctors / nurses were all wonderful and I had the QLD Cancer Bus that picked me/and others every day for our weeks of treatment .

    Kerri- Anne will be thinking of you at this time

    If you want to talk email please do I mean sincerely

    I would have not got through this without the support of my family and friends

    please find below a poem for you one of my Favorites

    Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune–without the words,
    And never stops at all,
    And sweetest in the gale is heard;
    And sore must be the storm
    That could abash the little bird
    That kept so many warm.
    I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
    And on the strangest sea;
    Yet, never, in extremity,
    It asked a crumb of me.
    Emily Dickinson poet (1830-1886)

    with all best wishes Kathleen

  72. Jane says:

    Hi Kerri-ann,
    I wish you all the best for the journey ahead. I have been there twice now and on the 2nd time decided on a double mastectomy. I was a single mum at the time. I found out some awesome stuff on cancer and after trying it found out it worked! All i want to say is google Vit B17. And do the Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr Sandra Cabot. Both of these made my cancer decrease in size and when i started chemo, i was so healthy i sailed through the treatment. I have been telling ladies about my experience for years now and i hope it can help you. If you can get vit C injections also that helps.
    All the best hugs xxxx Jane

  73. Sue says:

    Hi Kerry Ann – I have just read that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer – I am very sad to hear that – but I was not pleased when I read that you will have it beat within 6 weeks. I have had breast cancer, lost another sister to it and another sister has just completed many many months of treatment. By saying that you will have it beat within 6 weeks is to minimise what a breast cancer diagnosis can mean. Even if you have a lumpectomy and radiation – this can take many many months to complete treatment and then you may have to take medication for the next 5 years – which has terrible side affects. I understand you may be in shock – but please don’t treat this diagnosis as if it just like having a cold. My sisters and I have had 3 different types of breast cancer and we have had 3 different treatments and outcomes. Good luck with your treatment nd give your body some healing space and time.

  74. ROSS EDWARDS says:

    Please contact me as i can heal your cancer very quickly and have done for many years here on the Gold Coast and all over seas my name is Ross Edwards AND I HAVE watced all your programes and follod you on danceg with the stars and belive me you shold have won it as you were great please do not have operation or cemo as it will kill you and you are one of the best women in Australia please dont think i am a ding dong i have saved meny peoples lives with cancer even my owplease ring me as en sons farther in law and he had 3 months to live but now cancer free and loveing it and he is 72 and thinks i am god to save his life this will fix you very quickly please belive me if you have the opperation and cemo you will not last you have nothing to louse if you take this and everythig to gain i live on the gold coast my mobile is 0402040914 please ring me as i want to save you from your cancer your the best all my love ROSS EDWARDS and i have saved a lot of lives many thanks Ross x

  75. hi, we met some years ago when I was on Midday promoting `men and stress.’

  76. hi, we met some yrs ago when I was on Midday promoting my book, `men and stress.’
    so sorry to hear about your breast cancer but I have very specific info to help you. could you please get in touch with me as I don’t want to say anymore here. you can email me or contact me thru’ my website. I don’t know how else to get to you personally. I don’t want anything except to help you if I can. look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

  77. lou beckett says:

    I have been where you are,after having my right breast removed in september,six months of kemo and now 13/6/12 i start 25 hits of radiation, i have kept my spirets up with all the love around me just like you have ,i am happy also i stay upbeat. i wish you all the best,be happy be upbeat, and stay strong,think healthy thoughts always.

  78. John Cantarella says:

    Hi Kerry – Anne
    I have just become aware of your diagnosis and sorry for this ordeal you have to face.
    i have always been a fan of your and am writting because i have some very valuable information that can assist in the chalange you are facing.
    this information is free of charge.
    If you are interested please call or email me and i will pass it on to you.
    My phone number is 0407 691 497
    it could save you a lot of time and grief.
    yours sincerely


  79. sharon buckley says:

    Hi darls you are the best person on TV ad I know you can beat this just as my 31 yr old daughter did this year. No words can express how this feels but life does go on and you can go on for us.Our love and support goes out to you and your family we have the best doctors and nurses in the world , trust them. Sharon.

  80. bolish says:

    i love watching mornings with kerri anne it makes my day xx

  81. ian says:

    Mythoughts and prayers go with you Kerry Anne through your Battle

  82. Dear Kerri-Anne,
    As you and I were leaving work at the Channel 10 studios at North Ryde many years ago, I asked you if you could give me a lift to near where I lived at Cammeray. Not only was I thankful for that, but you insisted on taking me to my front door, something I will never forget. I think we worked the same GMA shift.
    My name is Phil Prideaux (lighting and audio departments).
    Whether you remember me or not (see web site if you like), I just want to wish you all the very best and to your husband John also.
    Kind regards,

  83. Wendy Newman says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,

    I also have breast cancer and am fighting for my life.
    I now have no time for the superficial in life, and in the quiet of my heart, I ask God to heal me. Doctors can cut, diagnoise, pump you with chemo and radiation therapy, but only God has the power to heal.

    Please give yourself plenty of space, say no to a lot, as 2012 is now for you. I will pray for courage for you

    With concern
    Wendy Newman

  84. Shayne morrison says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,
    So shocked and worried about you after hearing about your diagnosis,myself and my entire family have grown up with you, and indeed i know it sounds weird but YOU feel like a part of our family, my family and i wish you the best and know that you will handle everything that comes your way with the gusto and integrity that you always do. you are an incredible woman, may every god bless you :) pleas take care xoxoxox Shayne.

  85. jane herring-noal says:

    kerri anne…… i have a new found respect for you.. you are an inspiration and i have so much respect for you.. good luck.. and i will be following your journey.. xx

  86. Kim says:

    This is a message to the admin.. I came to your “Kerri-Anne Kennerley” page via Google but it was hard to find as you were not on the first page of search results. I see you could have more traffic because there are not many comments on your website yet. I have found a website which offers to dramatically increase your rankings and traffic to your site: I managed to get close to 1000 visitors/day using their services, you could also get lot more targeted visitors from search engines than you have now. Their free trial and brought significantly more visitors to my site. Hope this helps :) Take care.

  87. Kristina Boggiss says:

    Hi, Love and best wishes for Kerri-Anne. You are a fighter and you will be fine. I had breast cancer in the year 2000 with two babies in tow. My daughter was 2 and my son nearly 12 months. I felt a lump whilst breast feeding and was sent away that is was nothing. several months later i went back and said this is not mastitis and something was wrong . I was right. Had a great surgeon and doctor and now am fine. it was stage 3. Go for it Kerri-Anne and you will survive. You are an incredible lady and my prayers are there for you. Kindest Regards Kris

  88. Thinking of you – prayers for full recovery. Yu are so brave, have always been such a role model!

  89. kerry hopkins says:

    Sorry to hear about cancer – pls look at starting reflexology treatment been treating a friend and makes a difference with anxiety and pain – if checkout on internet research done on reflexology and breast cancer

  90. Jo cirillo says:

    Bless you KAK
    You are so admirable
    Good luck and lots of love and thoughts from Melbourne xxx

  91. Maurice Micallef says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,
    My name is Maurice, I am a 50yo tradie and a long time fan of yours, specially on the rare occassions I would be home on an RDO to watch you on your morning show. I loved the energy and professionalism you brought to your show, and really love your dress sense, must say thats probably the real reason I liked to watch the show. I was wrapped to hear you were gonna show up on DWTS and really enjoyed watching your dancing.
    To hear the latest news of your cancer really stopped me in my tracks, I thought no not Kerri-Anne of all people, you might say you are just another person, another statistic, but not to a lot of people, myself included.
    It kinda hits home when you hear of something like this about someone you admire, and has prompted me to see my Doc on a more regular basis, I am 50 after all, and I guess we blokes need to look after ourselves too.
    Anyway just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world, and hope you pull through this, which Im sure you will, xoxo.

  92. Pat says:

    Kerri-Anne, I was diagnosed with melanoma late last year and so far so good. Go with your instincts as far as treament goes and you will not go wrong. I will be thinking of you and wish you just so much luck and love on your challenging journey.

  93. Jayne says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,

    I have been a huge fan of yours for many years, i enjoy watching you on tv and your just a lovely lady. I was very shocked to hear the news about your breast cancer scare, i wish you all the very best with the battle ahead and hoping you stay strong and healthy. I will be thinking of you. This has made me take notice that we all need to keep up to date with regular check ups and mamograms as our health is very important.

    Stay Strong which i’m sure you will!

    Kind Regards

  94. Voula says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne, this message is on behalf of myself and my 74 year old mum. We would like you to know that we are thinking of you in your journey ahead, stay strong, think positive and please dedicate yourself to your healing (you are a natural ‘giver’ but it’s now time to put yourself first and foremost). My mother especially has followed your career over the years and thinks you are a true professional, sincere, and it makes her feel wonderful to have you in her living room. Many blessings to you from both of us.

  95. Michael says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne,
    I would like to wish you the best of luck.
    I have been a survivor for 20years now and I know you will do the same.
    Keep on smiling and stay positive.

  96. sheryl wilkes says:

    hi Kerri-anne i was in shock when i heard the daughter and i came to see you on my 47th birthday,the best birhday are a strong lady.have watched you on tv for a lond time.i wish you all the best take care sheryl

  97. Lillian says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, almost eleven years ago. I SURVIVED. So can you. You have a hard journey ahead of you, but not an impossible one. I just want to say that my thoughts are with you and so are my prayers. I saw you on telly tonight, you seemed so positive, I know that you are probably shaking inside, still stunned, but you are facing this head on and you will make it. Good luck Kerri-Anne, so many people are praying for you.

  98. Joanne Mills says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne,
    I was certainly shocked when I learnt of your breast cancer on the news over the last couple of days. I can’t believe I was only talking with you last weekend about your golf.
    I and all the staff and members at Pacific Dunes wish you all the very best with your treatment as well as what you are about to face over the coming months and that you make a full recovery.
    We will all be thinking of you.

    Best wishes


  99. Lindi Moore says:

    Dear Kerri Anne, there is a wonderful website called Shirleys Wellness Cafe. I know you will be bombarded with lots of advice (well meaning) but there are lots of options out there, and my sister found this site inspirational (breast cancer treatment advice) five years later, she is alive and well 55 yrs.

  100. Tatyana says:

    I know that watch dogs you will discart this but who knows maybe this info will rich ms Kerrie-Ann Medical and pharmacology industries are earning multi-billion dollar profits through their morbid cancer industry (key words to see=> chemotherapy crap==> cartoons must see==>
    cancer fungus, , so it is not in their financial interst and in interest of media, TV, government.. . all are well paid by them, to allow to revile the fraud around cancer, that by the way last already 150 years, and is heavily victimising people and children.
    Celebrities are busy people, who do not have time to make research. Many of them like you Ms Kerri-Anne in time become diagnosed with cancer, after what medical Mafia first ring on all bells about that news and then again after they undergo themselves to chemo express, which trickery, boll game is used to promote chemo and radiation to the public. On this way is much easier to convince us ordinary people to use chemo when “our¨ time for victimising that comes. do you know that all chemo drugs are actually anti fungai-anti yeast drugs plus 5% sodium bicarbonayte solution in order not to kill the patients.
    Books that are MUST to read Dr. John Lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple
    Dr J R Lee What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer
    Article: Estrogen Dominance in Women and Men
    environmental estrogens xenoestrogens
    Dr. Shinya – Kangen Water – Part 1 – Enagic SD501 – YouTube
    Dr. Lorraine Day’s Tumor – Dr. Day Responds to Stephen Barrett Phillip Day death by doctoring
    More Problems with Chemo and Radiotherapy by PhillipDay
    Cancer: Why We’re Still …. The other unsupportable illusion is that mammograms prevent breast cancer, …

  101. Ben says:

    Hey Kerry-Ann, just wishing you all the best with your treatment. My mum has been through the same thing, remain positive and fight it out. Everyone’s backing you.

  102. Donna Crebbin says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne, I was 44 when diagnosed with stage 3 invasive Breast Cancer on 24/06/2010. The very same day Julia Gillard was announced Austrailas 1st Prime Minister!!! I was a stay @ home mother of 2 teenage boys who spent my time trying to stay fit… I run 7 km’s 5 days per week as well as lift weights. No history in my family either… I was told that I needed a Mastectomy with Chemo & Radiation!!! I was completely numb knowing the fact that I had looked after myself. The only thing I could do was to keep running through my treatment as it was to me the only thing I knew at the time to keep me from fearing that I may not make it through this journey. I have to say it was the best thing I could have possibly done… I decided I was not going to have that Mastectomy & I would not let this take me; besides I’m female & we always have to have the last bloody say!!! It’s hard enough to be told you have Cancer let alone the fact that you are going to lose all your hair!! I met a wonderful surgeon @ Strathfield Private Hospital who gave me the option to have Neo-Adjuvent Cehmotherapy up front to shirnk the tumour which at the time of diagnoses was 3cm in size but grew to 5cm within 15 days + it spread to my lymph nodes!!!Like you it’s the waiting that was the hardest. Let me tell you I have met some fanstastic people along the way & for me it’s been the best thing to have gone through this journey. I remember when I was diagnosed I heard nothing but negative comments from various people about how sick I would be going through Chemo. NOT to be :) )) I love to talk about my journey in a positive manner. I have sent you a msg through Twitter but hence the fact that I have no idea how to use it!!! I did send you my email address so would love to hear from you!!! Keep on keepining on girl <3 Life is a very precious gift that I didn't realise until I went through this amazing journey. I am now an Ambassodr for NBCF which I absoultely LOVE!!! Hope to hear from you soon. Love, hugs & kisses Donna Crebbin

  103. D says:

    Kerri-Ann, Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thankyou for entertaining me over the years, I look forward to hearing of you being well again. You have a lot of support, prayers & wishes, you are in good hands.
    Regards Danielle

  104. Terrance ( Terry ) Peck. says:

    Kerri Anne I wish you all the best and pray you beat this monster as I call it. My wife Olga was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in February and has had three rounds of chemo before having major surgery . She had another round of chemo and has two more to go. Just a month before she was diagnosed , her Dad passed away from leukemia , so it’s been a rough start to our year, and Olga hasn’t had a chance to mourn her loss properly Olga even has a Facebook page called ” Olga’s Journey “so that friends can be up to date with her progress . I’ve also made a couple of music videos of her journey and called them Olga’s Journey part one and two that I’ve uploaded to You Tube. She is coming along fine and we hope to be on the road with our 40 foot bus we’ve converted to a motorhome . We would’ve been gone by now but had to put it off until Olga is strong again. On a closing note , it is going to be a rough road for you , but you will beat this and from what I see , you have a lot of support from many well wishers . God Bless .

    • viktoria kobald says:

      Kerri-Anne i am sorry that you have breast cancer.Go on a pure alkaline diet.Not any diseases can live in an alkaline body.A doctor doesn’t tell you about it as theres not any money in people doing the alkaline diet.Google it and read it for yourself.Any disease can be cured by an alkaline diet.
      I hope you do try it.
      Blessings Viktoria

  105. Martyn says:

    Hay Kerri-Anne. I hope all will be well for you.
    I am trying to give you a copy of an article in the May Nexis mag.
    re- Cancer cure.

  106. ANGELA METCALFE says:

    Dear Kerrie Anne, I am a volunteer in Wagga Wagga for LG…FB and was saddened to hear of your condition. We love you down here as being the face of LG…FB and wish you all the very best in your fight of this battle in front of you.

    Regards and all the best, Angela.

  107. Janine Egan says:

    Hello Kerri-anne,

    I have to admit that I don’t regularly watch television but I have heard about your current predicament and the backlash from others over your attitude towards it and felt absolutely compelled to contact you. I’ve had my own round with cancer and, at the risk of upsetting many others, I need to speak out about this. I feel a need to say “good on you” for you attitude towards it all.

    I had three of the four different types of ovarian cancer including the most aggressive. I used to be afraid of cancer like everyone else. My tumour, which began as my right ovary weighed between three and four kilos when removed. I had an oophectomy, hysterectomy and a lumpectomy (proper names) and I fought doctors for 12 months to get it diagnosed and here is what I learnt … cancer is not the big scary that people treat it as. It’s nasty, it’s horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on ANYONE but, at the end of the day … and this will upset many … cancer is just a disease like any other. It is not some terrible nemesis. I have heard other cancer survivors say the same thing.

    Having cancer is what taught me that your attitude towards it is the right one. It’s not anyone elses battle, it’s yours and you fight it on your own terms and NO ONE elses. All the sympathy etc. is always nice and always appreciated but it’s not what helps you to fight it. Laughing and making jokes and putting this distressing situation into the proper perspective is what gets you through it. I had cancer, I couldn’t change that fact, I could only move forward. I chose not to let it make me a victim. I have a very long medical history that began long before cancer came along and it taught me that it’s important not to sit back and be a victim of your life. Cancer is no different. I see too many others allowing themselves to be victims. So I commend your attitude towards it and everyone else be dammed.

    Best regards to you.

    PS: It pays to do your research when it comes to treatment choices. I wouldn’t recommend just going along with what you’re told.

  108. brett donovan says:

    Hello Kerri Anne
    after watching your interview last night when you were asked about how you felt when your diagnosis was confirmed,the shock and resisted unknown feelings that occur at a time like this can impact on your immune system function. These can be cleared in minutes and can be done on the telephone, using the methods of Dr John Mace of WA.I am offering this to you at no charge.Please feel free to contact me.
    sincere best wishes
    Brett Donovan

  109. Reena says:

    Hello Kerri Anne, I’d like to wish you the best in your road to recovery. I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 4 years ago and got through what I call my period of chucking a sickie thanks to many many people. I’d like to share an e-book I wrote called The Things I Learnt About Cancer Without Doing A Google Search on It’s short and has suggestions on how to get through the everyday. I wrote it as my way to help other people.
    Take care.

  110. Adele Graham says:

    Dear Kerri Anne,

    My best wishes are with you and your speedy recovery. I have watched your program and have seen how you have offered support and aid to others with this diagnosis and thank you. Dissimilarly the world shook my cage about 15 years ago and the good news is that I have just celebrated my 50th Birthday.
    Moving to Port Macquarie about 9 years ago – to get out of the city stress? I took advantage of an program run by Avon and and the YMCA- this was based on water aerobic and some information sessions and from this group I then joined the local dragon boat club that had just been started by the previous group of aqua aerobic. The Dragon Boat club has now 3 boats and has spread their wings to be a sports club, running local community regattas and with members- both survivors and supporters travelling the world competing in international dragon boat racing- some travelling overseas for the 1st time at age 60+. We also now have clubs in Camden Haven, Kempsey and Coffs Harbour, and more recently Foster.

    Unfortunately some of us are no longer able to paddle for many reasons and we meet once a month for lunch- Jan Barnard a tireless champion finds a new restaurant each month- we would love you to join us when you are over your hurdle. There is no speaker, no fuss just a group of women supporting each other with what life deals them- we were called the “Pink Plus” – being both survivors and supporters but now we call ourselves the “luscious ladies”. Ever Saturday the Flammin’ Dragons as the dragon boat club call themselves there is the opportunity for people to come and try out- again you are most welcome.

    Some one once said to me what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- and my comment is I don’t need to be any stronger. My head still spins when I think about the day I received my diagnosis, like most I had to deal with my immediate priorities. It was not until the biopsy results came back when I was still in hospital, after having my breast and all my lymph nodes removed that they confirmed it had not spread- ahhhh…., even better news was when the woman in the bed opposite what had had the same surgery had good results. It was not an easy time and I could go on about my story; but my retrogradations- have centinal node biopsy done make sure it is not in you lypm system. When the doctors give you the ok find a good massager who does lymphatic drainage massage- a little aromatherapy is nice too. Use this time to feel good and assess your priorities- short medium and long term and be happy.

    The saying in the Dragon Boat- is ” look good”, we are all with you. We know how hard it is to stay positive all the time during this time while you await for your surgery and our thoughts are with you for a positive result.

    Remember you are always welcome to lunch with our luscious ladies and have a paddle in our dragon boats.
    PS The men in this region have established a “men’s shed”- secret men’s business and all that- I cannot extend an offer here but have a few contacts if you would like to know what they are doing for themselves- they are listening to the message- and that is worthy of a smile!

  111. Karen says:

    Hi Kerri Anne

    I have watched your show growing up over the years and always thought you to be a genuine, caring and beautiful person.
    I think that you are funny and willing to have a joke, especially when I watched you eating the doughnuts from the clothes line on one of your morning shows with your hands behind your back :) That was a good one.
    I just want to say I am thinking of you, I pray you are healthy soon. My aunty went through breast cancer and so I am aware of how scary it can be.
    But I hope your family and friends and work colleagues from past are all supporting you and you never feel alone. I hope you know what a wonderful inspiration you are to other women in Australia to be yourself and work hard – it will get you somewhere.
    My thoughts and my boyfriends thoughts are with you.

  112. Peter G says:

    For a REAL cancer cure without surgery or radiation search for & see “The Bursynski Movie”

  113. Derrick says:

    I get really sad when I hear of someone with cancer, especially someone as nice as you. And it makes me even sadder when they don’t check out alternatives before believing everything the doctors tell them. My aunt’s breast cancer spread to her liver and spine and she was given 6 months in August last year. She is still alive and it has completely gone from her liver and has decreased in her spine. She has put on 10 kilos and is getting her strength back. She no longer needs a live in carer to look after her. Her oncologist is amazed but she’s not telling him what she’s doing! I wish you all the good wishes in the world for a speedy recovery.

  114. Patricia says:






  115. Marjorie Metcalfe says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne, Having followed you on television over the years. I feel as if you are a friend as I’m sure lots of others do. I was diagnosed with lymphoma of the spleen 2 1/2 years ago. Before I was diagnosed I was lucky enough to find a site on the internet which funnily was to do with digestive problems. The powers that be sure work in funny ways as this site also talked about weight loss (which I needed) and how if you combine your foods together, you get rid of your digestive problems, lose weight, control your blood sugar levels, help your heart and also PREVENT CANCER STARTING. I started this way of eating about two months before I found out I had cancer which they told me I had had at least 2 years beforehand. I only needed 6 chemo treatments and the spleen was reduced back to normal and the cancer had gone. My doctor thought this was marvelous but said it would come back. It still hasn’t and I believe it is due to my eating plan which is normal tasty meals just combined properly. If you would like anymore information, please email me and I will send you a link to put you on the right track. Maybe the Powers that be are working for you too. I wish you all the best and it is ok to cry and if your husband is as wonderful as mine it is good to cry with someone’s arms around you. All the best, Marjorie

  116. Sue says:

    Dear Kerri Anne, I saw your interview this morning on Sunrise, your attitude is amazing and I wish you well, getting your message across is so important especially as you said “You knew” a couple of months ago I knew there was something wrong with me, to cut a long story short I went to see a doctor unfortunately not my regular doctor, who examined me and took blood, I was told by her that I was perfectly healthy and my problem was severe depression, 4 days laterdue to severe pain, my husband had to rush me to POW, they found that I had a massive tumour coming from my left ovary, when removed the tumour weighed 7kgs, thankfully the cancer found was only 4mm in the centre, I was very lucky but if left who knows what would have happened. So it is just as important when you feel there is something wrong that if you are not satisfied with the diagnosis you get a second opinion. Every good wish.

  117. COLLEEN DU-ROCHER says:


  118. Robyn Daley says:

    dear kerri anne, in october 2009,after having my two yearly mamogram, i was diagnosed with breast cancer,had a lumpectomy in november,i had a grade 3 agressive cancer.I had 3months of chemo,after of which i had 20 days of radiation,at the mater hospital in newcastle,and then i went back to work in june.I was not well through my chemo,but everybody is different.I would not have coped without the loving support of my family and friends,and i do have a big family.I see my oncologist every six months,and so far am cancer free,god willing i hope to stay that way,i wish you all the best and go getem girl,i loveyour attachood,? I look apon things in life the same as you do.By the way my lump was a pea size to.You have to be possitive aswell.

  119. Good luck {Kerri-Anne Kennerley} you are a real (Trooper) You Have agreat man by your side {John}The love, in his eye’s, when he look’s, at you is priceless … you will fight this ..side by side…lot’s of love and hug’s xxxxxx from a long time fan xxxxxx

  120. Good luck {Kerri-Anne Kennerley} you are a real (Trooper) You Have agreat man by your side {John}The love, in his eye’s, when he look’s, at you is priceless … you will fight this ..side by side…lot’s of love and hug’s xxxxxx from.. A long time fan xxxxxx

  121. Good luck {Kerry-Anne Kennerley}You are a real [Trooper]You have a great man by your side {John}The love in his eye’s when he look’s, at you is priceless…. you will fight this… side by side…lot’s of love and hug’s and xxxxx From a long time fan xxxxxx {GOD BLESS}

  122. good luck kerri anne xxxxxxxx a fan xxxxxxx

  123. says:

    Just read it. There is a huge amount of research showing that “catching it early” equals a whole lot of heartache and pain when it didn’t need to be at all – and that mammograms (radiation) actually give a ‘leg up’ to any pre-cancerous cells and sends them into overdrive. Just do some research is all I’m saying .
    Dr Leonard Coldwell – YouTube him- 98% cancer success rate – ‘The cancer Dr – chemo, surgery, radiation doesn’t come near his results. Check him out. God bless.

  124. Margaret says:

    Dear Kerri Anne,Look up Black Salve on the net its incredible .My Daughters Mother-in-law had a malignant cancer of the face which was operated on but it came back.The Doctor wanted to operate again but she decided to give Black Salve a go against the doctors advice.She put it on & the cancer proceeded to expel itself from her face & then it healed. If I had something like this it would be the first thing I would try ,rather than the knife.Everyone has to take charge of their own life.All the best .Regards Margaret.

  125. chris hodkinson says:

    kerry anne my name is chris i am dying of a lung disease so i know what you are going through a great friend told me this saying ‘dont let the bastards win’ you must survive as your to youg to leave this earth just ye ok all the best

  126. Roberta says:

    Wishing you all the best, Kerri Anne – remember ‘cancer’ is a ‘word’, NOT a sentence! You will be in information overload just now – you will be getting the best advice from the best surgeons & followup team – trust them. They are VERY good at treating it now with successful results & yours has been caught early. Stay positive & keep exercising – my husband exercised continually following surgery & throughout his chemo sessions ( just stretching when he couldn’t do otherwise) & it has been found to reduce the effects of the chemo, as well as assisting in overall recovery. Take care & our love to you and your husband, John

  127. Patricia says:







  128. Ena says:

    Hello Kerri-Ann. I was diagnosed with early breast cancer on May 22nd and have since undergone 2 lumpectomy surgeries, and just this morning got the great news that the pathology report now shows clear margins. So only the radiation to go. I know it won’ be a very pleasant experience but over the last 3 weeks since diagnosis I have had the support of a wonderful husband and family and great friends,and I know they will continue with me through whatever is ahead. I know that you too have a wonderful husband and lots of people who care about you and believe me they are very important in the journey we are on. There are many worse diagnosis than what we have had, and the advances in treatment and support for breast cancer over recent years has made our journey much more bearable with every chance of a very good outcome. Stay positive as you are now, we are trying to.
    With my very best wishes. Ena

  129. Robyn says:

    Kerrie Anne,
    Just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your news.
    You’re the best! Give it all you’ve got!!
    Wishing you a full recovery xx

  130. Carole van der Meer says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,at the age of 63, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, 2011. Following a lumpectomy in the affected breast and not achieving a clear margin, I decided to have a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy. It is a shock initially but now one year later, my hair has grown back stylishly soft grey and curly and I am feeling on top of the world and looking forward to a full recovery. I just wanted to say that you too can overcome this challenge. Be strong and positive, accept all the love and support offered from family and friends, take one day at a time, tomorrow is another day, and be kind to yourself – rest when you feel the need, shed a tear now and then, and smile as the sun rises on another day. Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Carole

  131. Elly-Mae says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Kerrie-Anne. In the last 5 weeks, I have had diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer, lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection…. BUGGER – still in shock but not lying down. Onwards & upwards !!!

  132. Janelle Willott says:

    My dear Kerrie-Anne
    As I watched you this morning on Sunrise, I had a tear in my eye as it was nearly 1 year ago that I too found a lump in my left breast. I was showering and felt a large “pebble” as I soaped up.
    I listened with interest to the way you had felt when you found yours and it was the same for me, you knew straight away what it was, there was no need for a definite diagnosis!! Yes, a feeling of ice cold ran through my veins and sheer terror hit. My husband, like yours said “don’t panic, let’s just see what happens”. In my case, he was in hospital himself having a hernia operation so I had to have instant scans and blood tests on my own. From there it was doctors and biopsies, but you know that….
    We are now 1 year down the track and it’s over. My treatment consisted of 2 surgeries to remove what turned out to be 43mm lump plus 39 lymph nodes followed by 6 chemo sessions, 3 weeks apart and then 30 radiation sessions and now 5 years of tamoxifen. For me, treatment went extremely well. I got to keep my breast and I had very few side affects to chemo (except for a headaches and feeling the occasional yuk!). Radiation also went well, slight sunburn but no split skin or feeling totally uncomfortable. All staff I have been involved with, my team at Strathfield Private and my team at RPA, well, they were angels and without their support it would have been impossible. Always listen and heed their advise as they deal with it every day and are a wealth of knowledge.
    You must keep around you, your friends and family. Mine were the best. I know I could have done it without them but knowing they were in my corner, made the battle just that much easier. Tamoxifen so far is good and I hope it continues that way.
    My Hair is slowly returning, my eyebrows are back and thank god, my eyelashes, as they were what I missed the most. I do suffer a little with stiffness in my arm and shoulder and have arthritis-like symptoms in my hands but you learn to live with and adjust to the changes.
    This journey has been a roller coaster of emotions but I feel stronger and confident that I have beaten this invasion.
    You too, with your positive outlook, can and WILL beat this!! Don’t let things get you down, always remember “one day at a time” and before long it will all be in the past – a scar and a memory. Life will never be the same but life is never over!!
    Good luck Janelle W

  133. Bonnie Richardson says:

    comments: My name is Pat, on Nov. 2/2011; I was told I had cancer in my left breast.
    It was a high-grade Ductal Carcinoma in-situ, Comedo subtype. At the time I did not
    have insurance, so I was trying to find ways to deal with the cancer with out surgery,
    chemo and radiation. On 11/22/11 I was told I had invasive ductal carcinoma in my
    right breast. By the time of the second diagnosis I was already juicing and working on
    getting my body in the alkaline state. I found a wonderful holistic Dr. in Lake Mary, Fl.
    With the help of my holistic Dr. we were working on the cancer. I did may bath soaks
    and many different supplements.

    The tumor in the right breast was staying the same size, but the tumor in the left
    breast was growing and pushing out the side of my breast. I made the mistake
    of allowing the conventional Dr.’s to cut into the tumor and remove some of my
    skin on the left breast. The tumor on the left breast grew to be 7.5 cm. at its
    largest point; (it was about the size of a golf ball). I was able to get insurance,
    and on Jan. 27 2012 I had a double mastectomy. My cancer cell count after the
    surgery done, with the Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) Electro-Dermal Screening
    (EDS) by my holistic Dr. was still at 53.

    I had been told about Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules and decided to give them a try.
    I also ordered the EllagiCaps (made by Best On Earth Products, LLC) within on week
    of taking the products I had a new cancer mass on the incision area of my left breast.
    Again I went in for surgery and had the mass removed. After the surgery I went back
    to my holistic Dr. and we did the Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) again, this time my
    cancer cell count was at 2. My holistic Dr. says most people will show a count of 1 or 2.
    I had a CAT Scan May 17 2012 and on May 22 2012 the conventional Drs. said
    no cancer. I have not done chemo or radiation as of today and do not plan to. I believe
    the black salve is what grouped the cancer cells together so I could get them removed.
    As of today I am cancer free, Still doing many natural supplements, with the direction
    of my holistic Dr., along with juicing and I have never felt better.
    Thank You makers of Black Salve!

  134. Brian Sutton says:

    Black Salve ointment cures breas Cancer and all cancers and melanomas/ I have used it 3 years now successfully Kerry Anne .Go to One Answer To get all the info there.God bless

  135. Steve Agi says:

    Dearest Kerri-Anne

    Having just found out about your latest ordeal, I would like to speak with you about supporting you through this.
    My name is Steve Agi, publisher and I am working with the one and only Peter Coulson of internationally acclaimed KOUKEI photography to create the photo book “IN MY PANTS”
    In a nutshell “IN MY PANTS” is a celebration, a support and empowerment for those whose live’s have been touched by cancer.
    Victims, sufferers, families and anyone whose life has been impacted in some way shape or form.
    “IN MY PANTS” is a play on words, on the old saying of walking a mile in my shoes, where we are getting a variety of people to be photographed in nothing more that a 30 year old LEVI jeans.
    You can see examples of Peter’s work here:
    I’d love to have a chat to you about supporting you through this terrible time and getting you involved to help support others
    The work is tasteful, professional and the purpose is to raise at least $2 million to go towards cancer research and with 1 in 2 Australians diagnosed with cancer, now is the time that we need to unite and work together to battle this horrible plague
    I hope to hear from you Kerri-Anne. I wish you all the best and want you to know we are here for you to support you through this

    Warmest Regards

    Steve Agi

    The Publisher
    m: +61 432210963

  136. Lola Wren says:

    Hi Kerri Anne, I guess you have heard all the stories, In 1996 I was running a busy restaurant in Adelaide. On the Friday morning I stayed home to do the washing and as I threw the washing into the machine I felt something in my breast. I thought it was a cyst as it felt gathery. I rang the doctor and he said come straight in. He sent me off to have a mamogram and I had to wait for the results.When I took them back to him he said “there is no easy way to tell you this your have Breast Cancer.” “I said well get it out and let me get on with life.” He said” people do not react like that.” and I said” you did not just say I am going to kill you I have a fighting chance.” Get it out. I had radiation treatment at Royal Adelaide. It took me 10 minutes to walk to the hospital 10 minutes to have the treatment and 10 minutes to walk back to the Restaurant and to work. Sixteen years on I am fighting fit. Don’t let anyone tell you how to deal with it. If I had listened to all the people I would have been thinking poor me. Lola

  137. Joe Alvaro says:

    My prayers are with you as you face this health challenge. What a great attitude you have! Well done for using this sad news to educate others about this health issue through your public profile – that’s very kind of you. You have made an excellent contribution to Australian television and hopefully the nation will benefit more from your excellent TV interviewing skills after you overcome this current problem.

  138. Jonica says:

    Dear Kerri Anne, I have so enjoyed watching you on dancing with the stars, your grace and proffesionalism was one thing but your chosen cause Look Good Feel Better really touched me as they really helped me and were the first group I sought when I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 2 years ago and it gave me goosebumps when I heard of your diagnosis.
    I know that you will overcome this series of hurdles that you face and know that there are many out there wishing you the very best and I for one am praying for an uncomplecated journey and that we will see you back on the silver screen soon, stronger and healthier than ever.

  139. Marion Flanagan says:

    Hi Kerri Anne ,I hope all goes well for your op with breast cancer , I have been through this myself I am having treatment now so all the best . We are all thinking of you now , go girlfriend we can beat it . Lots of love from Maz xxxx

  140. Rosslyn says:

    hi, all the best, not a big tv watcher, til i got sick, lol. disliked deal or no deal, cause i emphathise too much, 9to the extent of if someone gets physically hurt my bottom really hurts, which when the grand kids have hurt themselves and showing me the blood i am jumping around going, :No, NO OOOH my bum! (my grandson tells me stories just to get me going he thinks it is hilarious lol) when i saw you on the deal, firstly i reckoned you look fantastic (might take up dancing once i am better) you mentioned about the people who help beautify ladies going through chemo and my heart told my brain, “Oh kerri has breast cancer” i stressed and told myself not to b stupid and a couple of days later the “news” broke. so not sure whether it was psyhic or empathy. if good wishes and prayers work “you’ll b right mate.” love and much respect

  141. nicola williams says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne,
    I am sorry to hear your news but there are THOUSANDS of us survivors !!
    You look fantastic and its been so good to see your dancing …I always loved working with you and admired how professional and big hearted you are !
    Only one word of advice – put yourself first and do WHATEVER you feel like – knowing you you’ll probably try to reassure everyone else first !
    All my love and friendship , Nicola

  142. Nerida Clark says:

    Dear Kerry Anne,
    I just watched you on DWTS final. You are a most humble person and I hope and pray that your treatment will go well. No you are not the only woman facing this illness at this time but you humility and courage is an inspiration to all. As a nurse I do wish you all the best and trust that you have wonderful nurses and doctors to help you along the way. Cancer will change you but for the better. Good Luck and God Bless

  143. Ann Guirguis says:

    Hi Kerri

    I want to say I was shocked tht u were going through a hard time which made us n you upset but i will keep u in my prayers so tht u can become well to continue to put a smile on our faces like u always do.

    Love from Ann


  144. Rowena. says:

    I have breast Cancer, when I found out I was devastated and thought that I would die Immediately but I,m still here.I have had the best treatment and thank the Surgeon for his ongoing care.Life is not the same as it was before the operation but every day counts I love life and would like to stay here for a few more years .Today is my Birthday, I don,t need presents and Dinners to make me happy,just being here at home is enough for me. Good Luck Kerrie Anne <3

  145. sharyn butler says:

    Hi Kerry Anne firstly you are one amazing lady and I love watching you on tv. I have gone thru a crisis not me but my hubby was diagnosed with prostrate cancer at the young age of 49. This was a very hard time for my hubby myself and our four children, but we talked and talked and we chose the best optionwe thought and we are so thankful because we know we have made the right decision and we know we will have my gorgeous hubby and fantastic father and grandfather. Kerry Anne you are one strong lady and you have a family that will support you thru everything, always remember you have the whole of australia wishing you the best…we all love you, keep smiling and we need you back on our screens soon xoxoxo Sharyn

  146. Carol Emerton says:

    Great to see you back on DWTS Grand Finale, loved your spin on the dance with Carmelo.
    I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you at this most difficult time & wishing you a speedy recovery from your forthcoming operation. You are such an inspiration & I don’t think you realise the impact you have on people & how much you are loved by so many, most of whom you don’t even know.
    The ladies at “Look Good, Feel Better” (a charity I also support through my Nutrimetics business) will look at how you are dealing with this & you will give them confidence & strength to face it too.

  147. Adrienne Glanville says:

    Thinking of you at this time. You have such a wonderful approach to this terrible trial you are facing I know you will succeed. My prayers are with you and I know you will fight the good fight. Keep your eyes on the end result and I believe you will look back at this terrible time and see only the positive outcome. Good luck.

  148. Sharon says:

    Dear Kerrie-Anne,
    Your performances on DWTH have been spectacular…thank you for the wonderful entertainment! It must be lovely to be dressed up in such spectacular costumes and be tought the wonderful dances.
    Your candid revelation of your medical condition has prompted me to make an (12 year overdue) appointment with Breastscreen for a checkup.
    Best wishes and my prayers for successful treatment and a speedy recovery….you are beautiful inside and out xxx
    Very best wishes,

  149. Andrea Webb says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne

    So great to see you are starting this next stage of your life with a positive outlook.

    I to have suffered from breast cancer, a little lump that causes us so much angst and despair like you with no history in the family.. However i went took the chemo and radio route or my ” druggy” phase as I call it! Strength and a positive outlook will get you through. Rely on your friends in those down moments and you are fortunate to have many friends and supporters who will be by your side I suffered alone but stayed positive.

    Look Good Feel Better is a great organization and they helped me when I needed them. Keep your life as normal as possible , I had to and did my volunteering in between chemo sessions! Don’t let it take over your life, it is a bump in the road which we go over and continue the journey.

    I am sure that with your positive outlook you will dance your way through this as only you can do. You are in my thoughts and send my support your way! xx

  150. Kerri Anne
    Real Class cannot be taught; it is innate.
    You have that in
    “Cream will always rise to the top. ”
    You provide a role model for our children.
    Thank you

  151. Claire Jackson says:

    Kerri-Anne, you have never been anything less than a positive and inspiring woman, delighting Australia with your wonderful spirit and beautiful personality. As you embark on this difficult journey ahead, know that you will have much love, support from so many many people, many of whom you know, and many thst you don’t, but all to help give you courage and strength to beat cancer. What a perfect Ambassador you are for the “Look Good, Feel Better” Foundation (am amazing foundation that I have supported with friends with cancer)…you always look absolutely stunning, and soon may you too feel much better:-)

    Sending you positive energy and spiritsfor a full recovery x

    Claire Jackson

  152. Vanessa says:

    I have brain and skull cancer, you have a pea size breast cancer, sorry but Im applying to my superannuation to save myself and you have lots of money……wish I was a celeb….. pea size, golf ball size – and who gets the limelight….. maybe you should go to a childrens oncology ward – might change the ‘oh we dont know whats going to happen in the future’ attitude, oh please, live in my shoes or the ones of children with cancer, not a pea size which you will pull thru!

  153. Dawn says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne,

    So sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis.

    Don’t for a minute feel you have to defend your decision to delay treatment.

    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer last year and scheduled for surgery within a week. Although I was grateful for the treatment I was offered, I felt I was being rushed into making decisions about what would affect my life and I delayed treatment for a few weeks. My doctors told me the same as you – a couple of weeks won’t make a difference. We had planned a holiday with friends which we still took, and it gave me the best possible preparation for the upcoming surgery and treatment. I had a chance to get into the right “headspace” and tackle things with much clearer thinking and to be able to make more informed decisions about upcoming treatment. I read a lot of information on alternate and traditional cancer treatments, I asked a lot of questions, I challenged the medics and I attended a couple of seminars. I was unconvinced that chemo and radiation were the best options for me so when my oncologist told me she was certain the cancer had metastasized to my spine and lung and she felt I was too late for chemo and radiation, I decided that if that’s the way it was meant to be, then that’s how it was but I would be responsible for my own destiny. I had been taking natural therapies since the original diagnosis, so I thought that without chemo and radiation, the supplements I was taking could get on and do their job without any interference. That was in June last year. I spent 10 days at a fantastic health retreat which reinforced how important a good diet is. The support from there was absolutely wonderful. Please look into the acid/alkaline diet. In September I was told that the cancer had stabilised and in February this year I was told that where there was previously cancer activity in my spine, there is now scar tissue starting to form.

    The information that you are getting is probably very overwhelming and I am certainly no expert, but if there is anything I can help you with or any more information that you would like, I am more than happy to share it.

    It might sound very cliche but for me, there has been a truck-load of wonderful things to have come from this diagnosis.

    Surround yourself with positive people, things that you love and try to eliminate negativity (although that is difficult sometimes).

    I wish you all the very best, and look forward to hearing some great news from you in the very near future.

    Be well!!


  154. jill Flood says:

    All the best Kerri ,will be thinking of you in the weeks to come . All my prayers are with you & husband JILL

  155. Joanne Robbins says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne. So sorry to hear that you have breast cancer.
    If anyone can beat this you can. Loved watching you on dancing with the stars. Wishing you all the best for your surgery and recovery. Love Joanne xxxx

  156. Jackie says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne Kennerley,

    You are a wonderful courageous lady. Praying that your surgery goes smoothly and you will be back on deck real soon.


  157. Maria says:

    Hi Kerrie-Ann wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago I so looked forward to your show everyday to give me the lift I very much needed. You were always full of fun and happiness. The day after I had my hair shaven I attended the “look good feel better program” and thought what a great program it was, everyone was so supportive. I have had my dark days (and still do) but we all get through it one way or other. They call this a “journey” but it’s one that none of us want to take. Stay strong you are about to go on one big roller coaster ride but when it’s over you will emerge a different person with a whole different outlook at life. Take care our prays are with you. Maria.

  158. Lynne says:

    Dear Kerri-Anne,

    I am so devastated to hear your news. I am a year younger than yourself and have followed you for years enjoying the glamour and style you exude. I am a survivor of an aggressive breast cancer (no history) and made it my business when I was at the height of my treatment to dress up for chemo (high heels) to help myself get through it mentally and feel I would be okay.

    Take special care of yourself and John and look after your mental health as much as your physical health.

    Love and warmest wishes

  159. Louise Reynolds says:

    Hello Kerri-Anne, Although I do not know you personally….I feel compelled to send this and pray that things will go well you….and after quickly scanning all the messages….I have noticed the ones that mentioned trusting in God for strength…and this I offer too. All the best in your treatment, I will remember you in my prayers,
    Warmest regards

  160. Chris Cavanagh - Beverly Hills Television Los Angeles says:

    Hi Kerri-Anne!

    Long time no see! I was so sorry to hear about your breast cancer, Andrea’s thoughts and prayers are with you. YOU WILL BEAT IT if anybody can!!! I have a favour to ask of you, as you know I have one-on-one-pictures with my past clients such as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Mel Gibson, Bette Midler, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope, Bette Davis……..and all the usual subjects. You may not know that I was close person friends with the late Billy Thorpe and Olympic swimmer Murray Rose, Max Merrit and Brian Cadd, Peter Faiman and all the usual suspects. I have a project that I would like to personally collaborae with the photographer Anne Geddes. Rather than go through her corporation or her people I would like to discuss it one-on-one with Anne. Do you happen to have her personal email contacts? My direct email is still BHTV@ix.NETCOM.COM *Safe and Secure Would you be kind enough to let me know one way or the other? I hope John is still going strong! I would love to see his trains one day!! Love and Hugs fro Southern California. DATE: JUNE 19 @ 5/45pm PST

  161. Dear Kerrie-Anne, I was so sorry to hear of your recent battle with cancer. Please know that I am thinking of you darling and wishing you a speedy recovery. Much Love – Samantha Sang

  162. Meryl Bradow says:

    Thinking of you at this difficult time. Thank you for DWTS. I have a book I think you should read to help you through this. It is called “How to heal your Life” by Louise Hay.

  163. Irene says:

    Hi Kerri-anne. I had breast cancer at 44 years and am now almost 67. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I think with your positive attitude you will be fine. Laugh a lot and enjoy friends and family’s company which helped me through my trying time.I don’t think I ever laughed so much in my life as I did when I was having treatment.Good luck, will be thinking of you.

  164. jo says:

    Wishing my fellow “Aussie trooper” all the very best for a swift recovery. Thinking of you after your surgery Wednesday. Hope you’re back to clinking your glass to success in no time; regards jo. Newcastle.

  165. anita says:

    Hey Kerri-Anne, I wish you all the best. You’re a trooper…..the best thing in life, through adversity, we all become stronger, empathetic, sympathetic, physically and mentally stronger……I hope this journey will encourage you to give it all you’ve got…I shall offer up my prayers for you knowing your battle with cancer will inspire many…..Take care Anita

  166. Rosa vecchirosamvecchi says:

    Wishing you all the very best,I am going through the same x

  167. Phillip Tran says:

    Kerri-anne, even though I have never really get to know you, I still know your a fantastic person as you are loved by everyone else. I know you will laugh and smile a lot in times of difficulty, and it is this that will help you win the battle with your breast cancer. Good luck, and all the best from me and everyone!

  168. Janelle Ball says:

    I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2 days before you. It was such a shock, especially as I had been to Breast Screen only 2 months ago, and received the all clear. My tumor measured 65mm. Unfortunately I have had my left breast removed. I now face Chemo and Radiation. Will be thinking of you and hope all goes well. I have wonderful family and friends supporting me and helping me through this time.

  169. M says:

    Hi Kerri-anne

    I am very sorry to hear about your breast cancer but am as always impressed by your positive and can-do attitude.

    I just wanted to share some information with you that my naturopath told me about radiation and antioxidants (he is an incredible man and has helped thousands of people to get well and stay that way).

    It has been shown that when the ‘right mix’ of these vitamins is used, that it can have a positive impact on the procedure. Radiation not only knocks off the diseased cells but also plays havoc with the good cells. Apparently, antioxidants can prevent the radiation from damaging the good cells and helps the body to repair itself.

    This research has been scientifically tested and proven to work by the medicos but for some reason, it is often not used.

    If you would like some more information, you are very welcome to contact me.

    All the very best and thank you for all that you have given Australian audiences for so long.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and a fantastic life.

    Best wishes

  170. June Axisa says:

    Hi Kerri-anne I read in this week’s New Idea that you had your Breast cancer surgery on June 20th. Sounds like you just had a Lumpectomy like I did. I took all the precautions of having annual Mammograms as my younger sister had Breast cancer in mid 1977, she was only 27 years of age. Back then she had a Mastectomy, they did not have the Medical Technology they have available today.
    I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October 2008 in Adelaide. I was 61 years old..I had a Mammogram in the September at Port Lincoln Hospital where a lump was detected in my (L) breast. The Radiologist advised me to go back to Ceduna where we were then residing & see my own G.P. & get a referral to go to Adelaide to have a Biopsy….Which I did, & was diagnosed on October 23rd. As you know, it came as one huge shock, I was so thankful my partner was there with me for support…
    My Surgery was scheduled for December 10th at R.A.H.( Royal Adelaide Hospital) As the Tumor was very small, I had a Lumpectomy & 3 Lymph Nodes removed from under my left armpit…. I was in the Hospital overnite & four days later we flew back to Ceduna. We decided to relocate closer to Adelaide for my 6 weeks of Radiation treatments in March / April 2009…
    We made the moved & settled into a nice house in Clare in the Clare Valley Wine Region just before Christmas 2008…..We went down to Adelaide at the end of February in readiness for my Radiation treatments. We stayed at one of the Cancer Motels owned & operated by the Cancer Council of S.A. The 6 weeks of treatments really knocked my body around, & my Immune system. I cannot fault the Staff at the Radiation / Oncology Unit at R.A.H. nor my Breast Surgeon or my Breast Care Nurse. Everyone was so supportive.
    I attended one of the Look Good Feel Good sessions at the Cancer Motel. It was a fun morning trying out all the make-up & learning how to wear a Wig or a head scarf, for the Ladies having Chemo. I was one of the fortunate ladies not needing to have Chemo. I will be taking Medication to assist preventing a return of my Breast Cancer for 5 years… I had a follow up mammogram & Scans in late 2009 & I can happily say I am Breast cancer free….
    But, last year in May 2011, I had a Biopsy at R.A.H. on 2 suspect Lymph nodes in the (R) side of my neck. The Pathology results showed Thyroid Cancer…. Once again, a huge shock. I had major Thyroid Cancer surgery a few weeks later, on May 30th. I was terrified, but, very secure in that the Surgeon was very familiar, she is Breast / Thyroid Endocrine/
    Oncology…. It was a huge Operation,well over 3 hrs in Theatre & that again in Recovery. I spent 4 days in R.A.H. then back to the Cancer Motel. I had the District Nurse visit me each day to check my Wound & my Drain etc…..Back over to the Hospital the following week to see the Surgeon for the Surgery Pathology results. All up, they removed 7 Cancer Tumors….That came as a huge shock….
    We went back down to Adelaide in the July for me to have 4 days in R.A.H. to have radio active Iodine treatments….. Even now, it is over 12 months since the Surgery & I am still slowly recovering.
    Being diagnosed with Cancer several times has made me re evaluate my life in many ways. Material things are not important anymore, family & close friends are precious. I take life one day at a time & I thank God every day for my partner, he has been my “rock” through it all. It is not the quantity of time you have, it is the quality of the time.. there is a big difference between the two…..
    So, Kerri-Anne, I wish you well for now & for the future & you are one of the lucky ones, like me, who were diagnosed in the early stages of Breast Cancer…..At least with your Charity, Look Good Feel Good, you can actually tell all the Ladies that you know exactly the roller coaster of emotions associated with being diagnosed with Breast Cancer & the subsequent Surgery & Treatments etc….
    Breast cancer does not differentiate whether you are rich or poor or what Nationality you may be. When it all boils down to it, every woman reacts differently to the news of a Breast Cancer diagnosis. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a close network of support from a partner or husband or close family & friends.
    As I said, best of luck for whatever the future may hold….

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